Football For Pubs

Is your Pub/Club the only one around not showing 3pm kick offs?

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Live Premiership Football, 3pm kick offs,English Commentary and thats just the beginning!

Give your punters the present they deserve…LIVE Premiership Football and 3pm kick offs in their local pub! We have 2 NEW packages for you to choose from!! – Both including our “Legal Assistance” & “Full Logo Blocking”
We now have 2 NEW Packages for you to choose from. CLICK HERE for more information.

Football For Pubs Legal Worries? Well worry no more!
Packages now include

  • Full Logo Blocking
  • Legal Assistance Scheme “PLAN” where you will have full cover with our team of solicitors
  • Cover is immediate, from when you sign up.
  • For more information on our “P-L-A-N” Network call John on 07775 62255


Our Football For Pubs Package comes from just this…


mag250frontThis IPTV box provides you with the best sports package around.

It is a simple plug and play system straight out the box.

All you need is internet speed of 5MB and a HDMI/AV Cable!


Football For Pubs gives you…